For Owners/Investors:

Rental Home KC is a full-service property management company and owned by a real estate broker specializing in residential investment properties.  We can advise and assist you with all phases of identifying, purchasing, marketing, leasing and management of rental homes. We have worked with many investors and properties in Johnson County, KS.

Some of the key steps in the process we assist with include:

- Identifying the Correct Property
- Determining the monthly rent for Your Property
- Marketing & Leasing Your Property
- Managing Your Property

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We can assist You with the entire
Investment Property and Property Management Process

With automated scheduling and also featuring a 24/7 online portal to assist renters in reporting any maintenance needs, RHKC strives to be the most responsive property management company in the area. We are available 7 days a week to show properties and discuss your specific needs.

Rental Home KC serves primarily the Johnson County KS area. Our office is located in Olathe, Kansas and we are proud members of the Olathe Chamber of Commerce where Betty serves as a Senior Chamber Ambassador. Betty has also served on the Chamberr Board of Directors, and the Economic Development Council.  Betty was selected as Ambassador of the Year in 2017 and she received the Dana Ketterling Volunteer of the Year Award in 2019.

Finding Your Property


Pricing Your Property


Marketing Your Property


Managing Your Property


Finding the Right Rental Property

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We can help you evaluate whether a rental home investment makes sense for you. We will be happy to discuss this analysis and your specific situation. Our owner, Betty Simmons, a licensed real estate agent in Kansas, will share her vast experience with rental ownership. Besides looking at the numbers in the spreadsheet, picking the right house in the right location at the right price and leasing it at the right time of year are critical to your success.


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Pricing the Property

Setting the “right” rental price is crucial in getting your property leased.  Comparable homes, time of year, and your ownership costs are all factors. Obviously, you have to price it to meet your goals for covering your basis costs, including mortgage payment, taxes, insurance, and leasing fees. The time of year is also very important. If it is not May through August, the peak rental market in KC, the home may have to be more aggressively priced to rent quickly. And the comparative features, quality, size and location of the house itself is the most important of all.

Pricing to the Market:

Renters are most concerned with the house and alternatives on the market.   For them to consider your property, it must be close to the rent of comparable rental properties in that area.  There are many factors that affect what is comparable including:

• Location – quality of the school district and the specific schools nearest the home
• Location – proximity to shopping, other services and distance to their job
• Location – distance from negatives such as noisy freeways, trains, landfills, other nuisances
• Size – square feet and number of bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas, garages finished basement
• Architecture – openness, number of floors, steps, convenience, laundry facilities
• Amenities – upgraded kitchens, master suites/tub, granite, hardwoods, fireplace, deck, fence
• Condition – age, cleanliness, state of repair, curb appeal

Potential renters will evaluate all of these factors in relation to other homes that are on the market at the same time as yours. Some factors are more important to individual tenants than others, but your property needs to be within $100/month of those that are most closely comparable overall.

If we do several showings, but a tenant doesn’t lease it, there is something about the home that is objectionable.  It might be that it is not accurately represented in the ad or that there is just something that many renters don’t like.  For example, brightly colored rooms, one or more rooms unusually small, odor in the home (especially pet smells), damp basement or other issues.   You may have to address the issue in order to lease the home without a significant price reduction – and even pricing often doesn’t work if the problem is serious.

Condition is not just a factor in price and marketability. In general, renters will treat your property no better than it is presented. Deferred maintenance leads to poor care of the home, which is often more costly than making ongoing needed repairs. Houses are truly a pay-me-now or pay-me-more-later investment.

Finding the Right Balance:

1. Determine the rent for comparable homes.  Rental Home KC has successfully leased hundreds of homes in this area.  Remember, pricing a house $100 too high can easily make it take an extra month to lease, that vacancy taking away all you would have gained with the higher price.  We can provide assistance in determining the rent that the market will bear.

2. Compare to your total cost of ownership – mortgage, taxes, insurance, leasing fees.

3. Find a balance that will allow you to meet your financial goals and get the house leased as soon as possible.

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Marketing & Leasing Your Property

We Market Your Property

We list your property on over a dozen national websites like, Zillow and Trulia. We list them here on, where search traffic is driven by search engine optimization and keyword bidding. We update your listings frequently to ensure they are high on the list of results in searches. And every ad includes photos and extensive information about your property. As a result, we get many new leads every day. Our team responds to phone, email and internet leads immediately, 7 days a week, so you don't miss an opportunity.


Rental leads are almost entirely from the Internet.  That's why Rental Home KC puts a heavy focus on providing a top quality website to attract protential tenants.  We were recognized by national real estate marketing leader VFlyer in their Blog.

We Show Your Property

We personally walk all qualified applicants through your property, by appointment only. WE NEVER GIVE POTENTIAL TENANTS KEYS OR CODES TO ENTER YOUR PROPERTY UNESCORTED. This ensures that we are there to sell the features and benefits of your property. Perhaps more importantly, it protects your investment from theft, damage and liability

We Screen All Rental Applicants

Renting to the wrong tenant can hurt your bottom line! Let us screen your prospects properly. conducts credit reports, criminal searches, and eviction searches to help you make an informed decision when leasing your property. All credit and background checks of our rental clients are free of charge to investors/landlords. We comply with Fair Credit Reporting Act and other regulations to ensure that your potential tenants are handled fairly and their privacy is respected.

We Close the Deal, and Do All of the Paperwork

We find you the renter(s), present you with their qualifications, get their commitment, and let you make the decision.   We handle the lease, inspection, and move-in/move-out details.

You Pay Us a Commission ONLY When the Home is Successfully Leased

When a tenant moves in and has paid the first month's rent and the security deposit equal to the first month's rent, our commission is deducted from those funds. The commission to lease your home is 85% of the first month’s rent, prorated to one full year. For example, if your home rents for $1000 per month on a 12-month lease, the one-time commission would be $850. The commission for an 18-month lease on the same home would be $1275.

It Costs Very Little to Get Started

Your only upfront fee is just 10% of one full month's rent to list your property. If your home rents for $1000 per month you would pay a one-time listing fee of $100.

Managing Your Property

We can manage your property for you - if you choose.

We can collect the rent, handle problem calls, schedule maintenance and repair services, or any other part of the landlord's responsibilities.  You choose what you want us to handle and what you want to  handle yourself.   Some of our owners are very involved while some are out of town and we do it all.  Some of the services you can choose to have us perform include:

  • Receive rent payments
  • Direct deposit funds to your account
  • Follow up late payments and assess late fees
  • Coordinate collections process if still not paid
  • Receive problem calls
  • Diagnose the issue
  • Find appropriate repair service
  • Order repairs, with your approval
  • Follow up to ensure repairs completed properly
  • Pay for services and deduct from next rent
  • Inspect property periodically
  • Conduct move-in and move-out inspections
  • Handle security deposit deductions and refunds
  • Comply with state landlord-tenant laws

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The gallery below shows our Current Listings as an example of the properties we lease and the on-line fliers we use to advertise them.

For a list of homes we have already leased, Click Here.

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